miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010



If you ever leave me,
I'll be sadand blue
Don't you ever leave me,
I'm so in love with you
The birds in the sky would be sad and lonely,
If they knew that I lost my one and only,
They'd be sad if you're bad to me
The leaves on the trees would be softly sighin
If they heard from the breeze that you left me crying,
They'd be sad, don't be bad to me
But I know you won't leave me 'cos you told me so,
And I've no intention of letting you go,
Just as long as you let me know, you won't be bad to me
So the birds in the sky won't be sad and lonely,
'Cos they know I got my one and only
They'd be glad that you're not bad to me
They'd be glas that you're not bad to me, to me, to me

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