sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010


Concrete Blonde

I hear you're driving
someone else's car now...
She said you came and
took your stuff away -
All the poetry, and the trunk
you kept your life in -
I knew that it would
come to that someday...
Like a sad hallucination,
when I opened up my eyes,
the train had passed the station,
and you were trapped inside...
Yet I never wonder where you went,
I only wonder why,
I wonder why...

Oh Caroline
Oh, whoa-oh Caroline
oh, oh Caroline
whoa whoa whoa, Caroline

Well I hear you're using someone else's number;
She said she saw you in the store today.
It doesn't matter whose address
you're listed under,
I only know they'll never make you stay.
Like a memory in motion,
you were only passing through...
that is all you've ever known of life,
that's all you'll ever do.
There's a dream I have where I sail away;
looking back I wave at you,
and I wave goodbye...

Oh Caroline
Oh, oh whoa oh, Caroline
Oh, oh Caroline

(guitar break)

In another life I see you
as an angel flying high,
and the hands of time will free you -
you will cast your chains aside -
and the dawn will come and kiss away
every tear that's ever fallen
from your eyes...
behind those eyes,
I wonder

Oh, Caroline... oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh... Caroline...
Sometimes I wonder...
Oh... Caroline
Sometimes I,
Sometimes I wonder...

Song Lyrics: "Caroline"
Recorded by: "Concrete Blonde"
Written by: (Johnette Napolitano)
Album: "bloodletting" - 1990

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