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pat boone - dont forbid me


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pat boone - dont forbid me

Don't forbid me to hold you tight
a-darlin', don't-a forbid me to hold you tight
Let me hold you in my lovin' arms
'cause it's cold and I can keep you warm

a-don't-a forbid me to kiss your lips
a-darlin' don't-a forbid me to kiss your lips
Let me kiss you please, baby, please
'cause it's cold and your lips might freeze

Well, there's a strong West wind a-blowin'
And there's a big blue moon above
And, pretty baby, I've been knowin'
You need some heart-warmin' love

So don't-a forbid me to talk sweet talk
Darlin' don't-a forbid me to talk sweet talk
Let me fill your little heart with fire
'cause it's cold, so don't forbid my desire

It's so cold (it's so cold)
So don't forbid-a my desire
(Don't forbid my desire)

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