jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Frankie Avalon - Why.flv






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Frankie Avalon - Why.flv

I'll never let you go
why? because i love you
i'll always love you so
why? because you love me
No broken hearts for us
'cause we love each other
and with our faith and trust
there could be no other
Why? 'cause i love you
why? 'cause you love me
I think you're awfully sweet
why? because i love you
you say i'm your special treat
why? because you love me
We found the perfect love
yes, a love that's yours and mine
i love you and love you me
all the time
(i'll never let you go)
(why? because i love you)
yes, i love you
(i'll always love you so)
(why? because you love me)
yes, you love me
We found the perfect love
yes, a love that's yours and mine
i love you and love you me
i love you and love you me
we'll love each other, dear

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