martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009



* You hoo hoo you've been gone for so long
i'm losing sleep
look at what you're doing
and i hi yes i know that i was wrong
but i couldn't see
see what i was losing
Come back now baby
little run around
little run around
little lost and found
little lost and found yeah
don't make me crazy
just bring your body back home
right here where you belong
building a bridge to your heart
let's make a new start
build a bridge to your heart
I don't know what the future's gonna be
good or bad
time won't be your saviour
and i can't give you no written guarantee
i won't make you sad
but i'll be on my best behaviour
Look what you're doing
when you put me down
when you put me down
made me the clown
made me the clown yeah
look what you're doing
just come on over and see
just how much lovin's in me yeah
I'll take you any way i can tonight
come back and satisfy my appetite
you gotta know you mean that much to me
to get you back you know i'll do anything
Come back - baby
just bring your body back home
right here now baby
where you belong

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